masternode - Pastel RPC

masternode "command"...
Set of commands to execute masternode related actions

1. "command"        (string or set of strings, required) The command to execute

Available commands:
  count        - Print number of all known masternodes (optional: 'ps', 'enabled', 'all', 'qualify')
  current      - Print info on current masternode winner to be paid the next block (calculated locally)
  genkey       - Generate new masternodeprivkey
  outputs      - Print masternode compatible outputs
  start-alias  - Start single remote masternode by assigned alias configured in masternode.conf
  start-<mode> - Start remote masternodes configured in masternode.conf (<mode>: 'all', 'missing', 'disabled')
  status       - Print masternode status information
  list         - Print list of all known masternodes (see masternodelist for more info)
  list-conf    - Print masternode.conf in JSON format
  winner       - Print info on next masternode winner to vote for
  winners      - Print list of masternode winners
  top <n> <x>  - Print 10 top masternodes for the current or n-th block.
                        By default, method will only return historical masternodes (when n is specified) if they were seen by the node
                        If x presented and not 0 - method will return MNs 'calculated' based on the current list of MNs and hash of n'th block
                        (this maybe not accurate - MN existed before might not be in the current list)
  message <options> - Commands to deal with MN to MN messages - sign, send, print etc

Maintained by Pastel Network; license of the docs is MIT (see pastel repo)

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