getblockchaininfo - Pastel RPC

Returns an object containing various state info regarding block chain processing.
Note that when the chain tip is at the last block before a network upgrade activation,
consensus.chaintip != consensus.nextblock.

  "chain": "xxxx",        (string) current network name as defined in BIP70 (main, test, regtest)
  "blocks": xxxxxx,       (numeric) the current number of blocks processed in the server
  "headers": xxxxxx,      (numeric) the current number of headers we have validated
  "bestblockhash": "...", (string) the hash of the currently best block
  "difficulty": xxxxxx,   (numeric) the current difficulty
  "verificationprogress": xxxx, (numeric) estimate of verification progress [0..1]
  "chainwork": "xxxx"     (string) total amount of work in active chain, in hexadecimal
  "commitments": xxxxxx,  (numeric) the current number of note commitments in the commitment tree
  "softforks": [          (array) status of softforks in progress
        "id": "xxxx",         (string) name of softfork
        "version": xx,        (numeric) block version
        "enforce": {          (object) progress toward enforcing the softfork rules for new-version blocks
           "status": xx,       (boolean) true if threshold reached
           "found": xx,        (numeric) number of blocks with the new version found
           "required": xx,     (numeric) number of blocks required to trigger
           "window": xx,       (numeric) maximum size of examined window of recent blocks
        "reject": { ... }      (object) progress toward rejecting pre-softfork blocks (same fields as \"enforce\")
     }, ...
  "upgrades": {                (object) status of network upgrades
     "xxxx" : {                (string) branch ID of the upgrade
        "name": "xxxx",        (string) name of upgrade
        "activationheight": xxxxxx,  (numeric) block height of activation
        "status": "xxxx",      (string) status of upgrade
        "info": "xxxx",        (string) additional information about upgrade
     }, ...
  "consensus": {               (object) branch IDs of the current and upcoming consensus rules
     "chaintip": "xxxxxxxx",   (string) branch ID used to validate the current chain tip
     "nextblock": "xxxxxxxx"   (string) branch ID that the next block will be validated under

> pastel-cli getblockchaininfo 
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "getblockchaininfo", "params": [] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

Maintained by Pastel Network; license of the docs is MIT (see pastel repo)

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