getminingeligibility - Pastel RPC

getminingeligibility ( "mnfilter" )

Returns a json object containing mining eligibility information for masternodes.

1. "mnfilter" (string, optional) masternode filter to use for eligibility check

Available filters:
   "all"          - returns mining eligibility information for all masternodes (default)
   "eligibleonly" - returns a list of masternodes that are eligible for mining
   "noteligible"  - returns a list of masternodes that are not eligible for mining

    "height": n,                 (numeric) The current block height for mining
    "miningEnabledCount": n,     (numeric) The number of masternodes that have mining enabled
    "blocksChecked": n,          (numeric) The number of blocks checked for mining eligibility 
                                           (uses mining eligibility threshold from consensus parameters)
    "nodes": [
        "mnid": "xxxx",          (string) masternode id
        "eligible": true|false,  (boolean) masternode eligibility for mining and signing next block
        "collateralid": "xxxx",  (string) masternode collateral id (txid-vout)
        "mnstate": "xxxx",       (string) masternode state (ENABLED, PRE_ENABLED, etc.)
        "minedblocks": n,        (numeric) number of blocks mined by the masternode in "blocksChecked" range

Get only masternodes eligible for mining next block:
> pastel-cli getminingeligibility eligibleonly
> pastel-cli getminingeligibility eligibleonly

Maintained by Pastel Network; license of the docs is MIT (see pastel repo)

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